Language Barriers and the Immigration Medical Exam

Mar 13, 2023


Language Barriers and the Immigration Medical Exam

Addressing Language Barriers in Immigration Medical Exams

An immigration medical examination is required to immigrate to the United States and establish permanent residency (green card holder). Commonly referred to as a "green card medical exam," this is a regulatory step to maintain public safety and eliminate reasons for medical or psychiatric inadmissibility. Anyone desiring a green card or citizenship must demonstrate that they pose no threat to the general public's health.

Language barriers must be addressed and solved before an immigration medical examination may be conducted. Otherwise, the civil surgeon may have no choice but to cancel or reschedule the exam.

Understanding Language Barriers in the Medical Exam

A lack of understanding between a doctor and a patient due to linguistic and modulational disparities in healthcare is a general linguistic barrier example. Such language inefficiencies make it challenging to understand prescription instructions and procedures or fully respond to questions during immigration medical exams.

Considering Language Barriers During Immigration Medical Exams

Language barriers can lead to misconceptions that result in confusion and the loss of time, energy, and resources.

It is relevant to consider language barriers during immigration medical exams to avoid the following issues—

  • False Responses
    Misunderstandings and communication gaps can arise from language barriers. Considering these linguistic disparities in advance is essential, as they may mislead the candidate and result in unintentional false responses. When later discovered, false responses may result in having to have corrected documents issued or even having to repeat the entire examination process. These undesirable outcomes can be time-consuming and result in additional and otherwise needless expenses.
  • Misleading Comprehension
    Immigrants are less likely to adhere to advice and treatment instructions if they experience difficulties when understanding the language. Addressing such language barriers is important to enable proper diagnosis and follow-ups, which are essential both for the health and safety of the applicant as well as the general public.
  • Anxiety and Stress
    The goal of the immigration medical examination is to determine health-related issues. Language barriers can make candidates anxious and stressed, which decreases the usefulness of such exams and may even mislead the civil surgeon into suspecting that the applicant may have a disqualifying psychiatric disorder.

Best Practices for Addressing Language Barriers During the Medical Exam

Certain strategies can help address language barriers effectively. These are as follows–

  • Employing Trained Interpreters
    Employing a trained interpreter when conducting the medical examination of a non-native English speaker can bridge the communication gap and enhance reliability.
  • Use of Technology and Translation Tools
    The use of software tools to assist in translating written content from one language to another provides a beneficial method. The examiner and candidate can communicate more effectively and accurately diagnose using translation software and other equipment. However, such tools may not be employed in lieu of an actual interpreter.
  • Providing patient education materials in multiple languages
    Offering learning materials in foreign languages, such as access to frequently asked questions and other key content, helps improve the candidate's literacy and to eliminate language barriers. For example, we have Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish language versions of our website.

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Fast and Professional Assistance with Dr. Steven Gordon

Getting the necessary medical checkup under the guidance of a competent immigration exam doctor is essential. If you desire to pass an immigration medical test trouble-free, Dr. Steven Gordon can help!

Schedule an appointment today and let Dr. Steven Gordon ease your medical concerns! He is fluent in Spanish, and his staff members are currently attending Spanish language classes at our local community college. For the ease of understanding and convenience of his clients, Dr. Gordon’s website is available in English, Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish.

If you are not fluent in English, be sure to bring an interpreter with you to your appointment. The interpreter can be a friend, community advocate, family member, or professional, as long as the interpreter is fluent in English and the foreign language in question and is willing to sign and certify that on the applicant’s medical form. Even though Dr. Gordon is fluent in Spanish and has conducted thousands of interviews in that language, it is never a bad idea for Spanish speakers to bring a Spanish language interpreter--four ears are better than two!

Language Barriers and the Immigration Medical Exam
Language Barriers and the Immigration Medical Exam
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