The new rules state that for any immigration medicals completed on or after May 1, 2024, a Polio booster (IPV) is required for all applicants aged 2 months and older, including all adults, unless proper documentation is provided of previous primary vaccination.

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Save Time with Dr. Gordon's Expedited Immigration Medical Exam Service

We are pleased to offer an expedited service alternative to our immigration clients. Qualified applicants (see below) may now be issued their lab and vaccination orders in advance. Obtaining the required labs and vaccinations in advance of your appointment streamlines the process considerably and should enable the completion of your immigration medical paperwork at the time of your appointment with Dr. Gordon. Choosing expedited service eliminates the need for follow-up appointments and enables your paperwork to be completed several days faster than usual.

In order to meet our eligibility criteria, you must:

We hope that you will call us, 913-787-5805, to take advantage of this remarkable opportunity!

Immigration Medical Exams.

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD has been a United States Civil Surgeon for twenty years and has performed thousands immigration medical exams and related services. A first generation American, Steve made the decision to devote about 80% of his private medical practice to Civil Surgeon services in memory of his father, who was a refugee and Holocaust survivor.

Steve is board certified in family medicine and has over thirty years of experience as a practicing physician. He maintains his clinical skills by devoting the remaining 20% of his private medical practice to outpatient family medicine and by earning thousands of continuing medical education credits over the years. His family medicine patients enjoy a concierge style of service (see “Concierge Medicine”), including hour-long appointments, consummate customer service, and easy access. He applies these same principles in his immigration medical practice, as his many satisfied clients will attest (see “Testimonials”).

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Alison R. Gordon, JD

Alison R. Gordon, JD

Alison R. Gordon, JD holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a JD from Albany Law School and has twenty years of experience as a medical practice manager. She is originally from Westchester County, New York, but over the past sixteen years has become an enthusiastic Kansan.

Alison met Steven while he was attending Albany Medical College, which is under the same university system as her law school. She took Dr. Gordon’s last name when they married shortly after he graduated from medical school. The two have been with each other for over thirty years and are happy that they found a way to work together.

Request an Appointment for Immigration Medical Exam

Frequently Asked Questions for Immigration Medical Exam

The best time to schedule your exam depends on the advice of your attorney or when you receive an RFE (Request for Evidence). Please contact 913-787-5805 to schedule an appointment.

You will be interviewed, undergo a physical exam, and be given orders for lab tests and vaccinations. The purpose of the exam is to screen for diseases of public health significance diseases that can spread--and mental health disorders associated with harmful behavior. You are not required to undress for the exam.

Yes, COVID-19 vaccination is necessary for an immigration physical medical exam.

You should bring your passport or other current government-issued photo ID, COVID card, all other vaccination records, tuberculosis (TB) tests and treatment records (if applicable). You do not need to bring an I-693 form. We prepare it for you as part of our concierge-style premium service.

Applicants infected with tuberculosis will incur a $200 surcharge and a chest x-ray fee of roughly $60. X-ray fees may be higher for small children. Pregnant ladies are not exempt from the x-ray requirement but may choose to delay their applications until they are no longer pregnant.

The immigration medical exam fee covers your interview, physical examination, basic laboratory tests, and preparation of the I-693 form.

In the absence of records, the United States will consider you to be completely unvaccinated, regardless of your memory of having had vaccinations or diseases and regardless of your country of origin and its policy concerning vaccinations. The specific vaccinations you need will depend mostly on your age. The Civil Surgeon will advise you on what vaccinations you need at the time of your appointment. Do not obtain any new vaccinations before your appointment--doing so can cause delays. Complete COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory if you are eligible by age. In the “flu” season, Influenza vaccination is also mandatory. Immune titers may be used in lieu of certain vaccinations, but the titers must be ordered by our Civil Surgeon.

Form I-693 is used to notify US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of the findings of an immigration medical examination. Follow this link to Form I-693 - https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-693.pdf

An immigration medical exam usually takes 30 to 60 minutes at the office plus additional time at the laboratory and for obtaining vaccinations. Results are usually ready in about a week.

The Cash Fee is $495, and Credit Card Fee is $520 Per Applicant covers the cost of your exam and labs. We offer a $25 discount for cash. Health insurance generally covers the cost of vaccinations.

Form I-693 is used by a uniformed public health officer or United States Civil Surgeon to report the findings of the medical examination and vaccination record of an applicant for a change in immigration status.

In general, the I-693 report is valid for two years after the date that it is started.

Yes, but you will receive a Request For Evidence (RFE) to produce an I-693 at a later date.

Yes, but it is usually best to submit it at the same time as the rest of your immigration package.

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