The new rules state that for any immigration medicals completed on or after May 1, 2024, a Polio booster (IPV) is required for all applicants aged 2 months and older, including all adults, unless proper documentation is provided of previous primary vaccination.

Immigration Medical
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Immigration Medical Exams

An immigration medical examination is performed as part of the application process for becoming a United States citizen or permanent resident. Either a uniformed public health officer or civil surgeon, such as our Dr. Gordon, must perform the exam.

If you need an immigration medical exam our immigration doctor Steven Gordon will take good care of you. Dr. Gordon made the decision to dedicate 80% of his private practice to the performance of immigration medical exams in memory of his father who was a refugee and Holocaust survivor.

Our Cash Fee is $495 and Credit Card Fee is $520 Per Applicant (Price Includes Lab Tests)

The fee covers the required exam and interview and preparation of the I-693 form.

The fee also covers the required age-appropriate laboratory testing:

  • Tuberculosis (TB) testing for all applicants above age 2
  • Syphilis testing for applicants aged 18 - 44
  • Gonorrhea testing for all applicants aged 18 - 24.

TB-infected applicants incur additional charges:

  • Chest x-rays are required at ~$60 for adults, sometimes more for children (children sometimes need more views). There is no exception for pregnancy.
  • There is also a $200 surcharge to cover the additional work involved.


  • Most applicants also will need vaccinations.
  • Insurance usually covers 100% of the cost. Otherwise, the cost may be considerable.
  • COVID-19 vaccination is required if eligible by age. Applicants are medically disqualified until COVID-19 vaccination is complete. No exceptions.
  • Influenza (flu) vaccination is required during flu season.
  • Bring all previous vaccination records with you to your appointment.
  • Do not obtain any new vaccinations before your appointment! Doing so could seriously delay your application.

Bring the Following To Your Appointment

  • A current, government-issued photo id, such as a passport (preferred) or driver license.
  • All previous vaccination records
  • Do not bring an I-693 form.  We prepare it for you as part of our concierge-style premium service.
  • Translator
    • Applicants not fluent in spoken and written English must bring a translator.
    • Your translator may be a family member, friend, or professional.
    • Your translator must be willing to sign your I-693 form.
    • Our doctor is near fluent in Spanish and can serve as the translator for Spanish-speaking clients if no other translator is available.
  • Only the applicant(s), translator, and one parent of minor child or supervised adult applicants will be allowed into the office. Please make childcare arrangements and otherwise plan accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Immigration Medical Exam

The Cash Fee is $495, and Credit Card Fee is $520 per applicant and covers the cost of your exam and labs. We offer a $25 discount for cash. Health insurance generally covers the cost of vaccinations.

Schedule your test based on your attorney's advise or when you receive an RFE (Request For Evidence). To make an appointment, please call 913-787-5805

You will be interviewed, have a screening physical exam, and receive orders for your labs and vaccinations. The exam is directed toward finding evidence of diseases of a public health significance--things that are contagious or that would spread. You will not need to undress for the exam.


Only physical and psychiatric conditions or findings that would be considered to be of public health significance will affect your adjustment. All other conditions will be noted and reported but will not affect your adjustment.


Passport or other current government issued photo ID, COVID card, all other vaccination records you have available, tuberculosis (TB) testing and treatment records (if applicable).

Applicants infected with tuberculosis will incur a $200 surcharge and a chest x-ray fee of roughly $60. X-ray fees may be higher for small children. Pregnant ladies are not exempt from the x-ray requirement but may choose to delay their applications until they are no longer pregnant. Treatment for TB is provided for free by the state of Kansas.

Your interview, physical exam, initial required laboratories, and completion of the I-693 form.

You would hardly be the first! Don't worry! But you would almost certainly need a few vaccinations to complete the process.

Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record for USCIS https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-693.pdf

Yes, except for Spanish (our doctor is near fluent in Spanish). Your translator may be a family member, friend, or from a service.

Do not attempt to complete form I-693 on your own in advance. It is a long, complicated form. We will prepare the form for you as part of our concierge style premium service.

Usually about 30 minutes, but please allow an hour.

Call us at 913-787-5805 or email us at SWGordonMD@Gmail.com

There is usually no medical reason to delay your exam for pregnancy, but you should discuss this issue with your obstetrician and attorney.

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